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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wasilla, AK to Homer, AK

Day 17 – June 16, 2010
Mileage Today: 262
Total Trip Mileage: 5,789

We were fully expecting to have rain all day today as we rode down to Homer, located on the Kenai Peninsula, so we were in hurry to leave the motel. We walked over to a local café and had some breakfast. Then lazily walked back to pack up and head out.

Nikki loading up.

We’ve reached the Sea, or at least the Cook Inlet.

It didn’t rain on us too much, but it was rather cold. Not a good day for pictures. We only took 18 today, usually we take over 100. We were just pushing to get to Homer, and hoping the weather would cooperate with us there.

By the time we got to Homer we were partially froze, so camping in the wind on the Spit didn’t sound like such a great idea. Second option: send Nikki in to haggle us a deal on a room.


It’s cozy (read small), near the water, and the price was right.

We get settled in, and by the time we are ready to out a visit the Spit, it’s raining again. We give it 30 minutes, and it’s still going strong, so we decide to go out anyhow. Here are all the pics (pic) we took in the rain.

Ate dinner at the Cosmic Café – A fat chicken burrito, enchilada style. I loved it, Nikki, eh… not so much. We go to sleep hoping for better weather tomorrow.


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