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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bellingham, WA to Kalaloch, WA

Day 27 - June 26, 2010
Mileage Today: 245
Total Trip Mileage: 7,061

The departure from the Ferry was rushed and crowded, but overall uneventful. It felt really nice to be back on the bike again, back to reasonable gas prices (*relatively), and back to having access to a fast food dollar menu. We had ample time today to get to our destination on the coast in the Olympic National Park - a good day to get back into the groove. After gassing up the bike, we headed down towards the Olympic Peninsula.

This required us to get onto another ferry, which took us across some body of water to Port Townsend.

This is where we found a McDonalds and picked up some sweet tea that we had been so desperate for. I also discovered that Safeway grocery stores offer free wifi, so we sat out front of the grocery store and updated the blog (about the ferry ride). Then it was off to our first Point of Interest of the day.

Forks, WA:

Why is this place famous ? Anybody? Click Here if you need the answer.

Yep. The home of hunky teen vampires and werewolves.

A quick stop by the grocery store to get something to cook up for dinner, then off into the Olympic National Park.

Nikki's Photo Skills (nice layered landscape, eh?):

Into the park:

Huge Spruce trees.

A rain forest in Washington, who knew?

After meandering through the park for a while, we headed back out to find our campsite for the night. We didn’t make very many reservations on this trip at campgrounds, as we didn’t want to feel like we “had” to make to a certain point on a certain day. However, we knew we would be in Washington today because of the ferry, and we knew we could easily make the miles. Plus the fact that we wanted ocean side camping on a Friday night in the summer made it pretty necessary to have a site reserved.

Good thing…

Set-up camp next to a gnarly looking tree:

Flame-seared the sausage for dinner (unintentionally):

And run to check out the water:

We made it to the real Pacific Ocean. No “bay” or “inlet” or “passage”.

It was a weird night trying to sleep. Both Nikki and I still had the sensation of swaying like we were on the boat still. I am sure that hearing the waves crash on the beach all night didn’t help our minds shake loose our sea legs. Anyhow… Fantastic day.


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