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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Great Falls, MT to Glacier National Park, MT

Day 6
Mileage today: 213
Total Trip Mileage:2,538

Today was the most powerful/super-scary wind/cross-wind I have ever experienced. I have no idea what the wind speed was, but it was intense. The little bike was drinking a lot of gas to try to keep us at speed. Maybe this will help the tire last longer, because we were riding all day leaned over on the left half of the tire trying to stay on the road.

Some scenery:

Made it to Glacier NP (only slightly frazzled):

Ate lunch at a pie place/diner/cafĂ© thing run by Hippies. Real Hippies. Way more hippie than what you may think I am (Jake). We had burgers. Mine was slightly raw, Nikki’s looked good, and the pie was too $$$ for our blood. After lunch, we rode as far up the “Going to the Sun” road as we could (still closed mid-way due to snow).

Sensory overload:

These things are big:

Found camp for the night:

Got a warning from the ranger about “proper” food storage due to bears “in the area” – probably the scenario for more than one night we will experience on the remainder of our trip.

No worries however. That wind beat us like a couple of rented mules, so we will be sound asleep when the bears come sniffin’. Sleep tight.


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