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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fairbanks, AK to Wasilla, AK

Day 16 – June 15, 2010
Mileage Today: 363
Total Trip Mileage: 5,527

Priority this morning is given to the retrieval of my credit card. But before we can get the credit card back, we have to move out of our dorm that we had been staying in for the previous 3 days. You know you have a lot of stuff when it takes 2 people, 3 trips to get all of your stuff down to the bike. It takes a bit, but we eventually get packed and head over to get our credit card. If you remember correctly, the plan was to have a tour guide, that was planned to pass through the gas station at the Yukon Crossing, pick up my credit card and bring it back to his company’s office in Fairbanks. We arrive at the place, walk in and ask the lady, she goes to the back and comes out with an envelope containing my credit card. Success! Don’t you love it when a plan works out? Although, I suppose they could have taken my credit card number. Maybe they did that thing you used to do when you were a kid where you would put a leaf under a piece of clean paper and scribble over it with a crayon to get a carbon copy. Nah… But just in case:


Please check my account for possible fraudulent charges, i.e.

1. 12 gauge rifles
2. Reindeer sausage
3. 350 gallons of diesel fuel (Possibly for a tour bus)

Now, on with proper business. We start the day with some baked goods and coffee from the Safeway/Starbucks.

Someone has some catching up to do.

Apparently someone has a new girlfriend (or friend that’s a girl).

Heading South towards Denali.

*Note to self: Remember this bit of blue sky. Store it away somewhere that is easily accessible.

We stop for gas and to find a Post Office about 15 miles North of Denali, in the town of Healey. At the local post office we ship home the largest “flat rate” box the USPS offers full of extra stuff that we do not need, and will soon wish that we had.

We make it into Denali,

and of course, Mt. Mckinley is not really visible (shrouded by clouds).

Apparently it is only visible for about 4 days (on average) in June. We drive through the park and soak up the scenery and stop for lunch.

Notice the seagull in the corner of the picture? That little dude was harassing us to no end. He pecked the peanut butter lid and bread bag. Do seagulls carry bird flu?

After we leave the park, we continue heading South towards Anchorage. The rain starts almost immediately and continues all the way until we decide to stop in Wasilla. We grab a room, get warm, and fall asleep.


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