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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Badlands SD to Wyoming

Wed. June 2, 2010 – Day 3
Total Mileage Today: 297
Total Trip Mileage: 1,323

We ended up camping in Wall, SD last night, right outside of the Badlands. The campsite was right outside of the downtown, so we set up and went and ate dinner at the famed Wall Drug.

What a tourist trap. It felt like being at Six Flags, in that section where everything is sort of western-y and fake. Anyways, we knew this going in, and since the town is dedicated to and built around Wall Drug, our options were few. The food was perfectly marginal, which fully met my meager expectations. Not to mention we were starving. So we finished dinner and got back to the tent just in time for it to start raining. It rained all night, and we slept like babies.

We awoke the next day to find clearing skies – a bit cool, but nice.
The plan today: Ride back into Badlands NP via a route I had created using Google Earth.

The route would take us to the South unit of Badlands, then we would cut across some BIA roads to the bottom of Custer State Park, then to Mt. Rushmore, and make our way Northwest to Devils Tower in Wyoming.

Stopped for lunch out side Keystone SD and would you look at that.

Do you know what that is? Me neither, but I’ll tell you what they called it. It’s a Pizza Dog. As if one couldn't survive without the other.

Anyways, we soon found Mt. Rushmore. Got by without paying for parking by pulling out on a highway turn-out with a good view.

Then the point and shoot camera crapped itself, and decided not to work. So we have no pics of most of the Black Hills, Deadwood, and Spearfish SD. But we pulled out the big hoss, back-up camera for this one:

And our camp for the night...

And guess what camera magically repaired itself.


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