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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kansas to South Dakota

Day 2:
Total Miles Today: 502
Trip Total: 1,026

Got an early start. Made coffee and on the road by 7am. Guess what we found.

I wouldn't exactly call it a "ball" as the bottom is obviously flat. Its more like a blob. I guess that if it was truly a ball someone would have already rolled it out into oncoming traffic.

Chased down then skirted a few thundershowers, turned North and found Nebraska.

These were indeed the cool kids at your table.

Break time...

Here is what Nebraska is like, I was surprised really.

And into South Dakota

Where we took our first non-paved road of the trip.

The road started off nice a gravel-ly then got sandy. Had a pretty good tank slapper, and thought for sure we were going down, but didn't, and it turned out to be a nice back way into Badlands National Park.

Check your shoes and helmet for snakes in the morning!

Good night.


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  1. I am following you both thru your journey! I am a friend of your mom's from Slaughter. I think it is so awesome to be on the open road. My hubby rides a Harley and I LOVE to be on it with him. We hope when the kids are grown we will be able to do this too. Thanks for sharing all the pics. I look forward to reading your journey!



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