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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Prospect, OR to Fortuna, CA

Day 29 - June 28, 2010
Mileage Today: 320
Total Trip Mileage: 8,127

Today we are headed back West to the coast in Southern Oregon where we will pick up Hwy 101 (Pacific Coast Trail) and follow it into California. We camped last night about 60 miles outside of Crater Lake, near the town of Prospect, OR. We studied the maps a bit in the morning and decided on the route that would be the most linear move West (as opposed to the more obvious route that would have taken us Southwest), which would give us more time along the Oregon coast as we headed south. The route we chose was called “Bear Camp Coastal Trail”. It was basically a series of Forest Service roads from the town of Grants Pass to the town of Gold Beach. We weren’t really expecting such a great ride this morning.

I will let the pictures set the scene:

A wrong turn (or perhaps *missed* turn) led us a few miles in the wrong direction, but with weather and scenery like this, who cares?

Some flora we found along the way:

Eventually we made it through the trail and out to the coast:

We worked our way down Hwy 101 and entered California.

The views from the highway were incredible…

Then we found a nice campground just outside of the Redwoods State Park, where we will head tomorrow.


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  1. Fantastic pictures! The ocean pics are unreal and the flower's very nice.



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