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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fort Nelson, BC to Watson Lake, BC

Day 10 – June 9, 2010
Mileage Today: 326
Total Trip Mileage: 3,668

It was nice to sleep in a real bed last night at the motel, but truth be told, it’s every bit as much work as it is to camp. You have to unload just about everything off the bike and haul it upstairs, because you probably don’t want to risk it coming up missing. Then in the morning you get to bring it all back down again and figure out how to fit it back on. Well, at least you get free soggy waffles and bitter coffee for free. Move over Wheaties...

Today we are finally getting into some nice terrain, as we enter the Northern Rockies.

It’s a sunny start:

Lot’s of animal sightings today, I believe the total number of bear sightings is up to 15 or 16 already.
The proof is in the pudding:

Now, over the past few days the weather had been medio-core at best and downright miserable at times, but today was beautiful. I do not think we could have had a better day to have come across Muncho Lake.


And of course, what trip up the Al-Can would be complete without a stop at the Liard Hot Springs:

We sure look like we are living the good life, eh? (I learned to say eh? Since I’ve been in Canada)

Made it into the Yukon!

Our slice of Heaven for tonight:



  1. How cool it all looks---you have awesome pictures and I've enjoyed your adventure through those! You guys keep safe---don't be bear bait!! Yvonne

  2. damn the lake looks so nice. your definitely doing it BIG. be careful

  3. Howdy Jordan and Nikki. I am a co worker of Ken Mendez's. I'm really enjoying the blog after the fact. One question. Did y'all have the helmet to helmet radio setup to talk to each other while riding?


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